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Gracious Bakers are a local Cape Town based company. Liz and Fran Rautenbach started the company in 2016 due to a lack of quality healthy products that was available.

After having to rely on our own baking skills to satisfy the need for quality Gluten & Sugar Free products we decided to assist other customers who faced the same challenges. We decided to open a small factory to produce these products and supply retailers. 

We at Gracious Bakers are passionate and driven to provide customer with superior health products. Our principles and morals are much deeper, focussing on uplifting and inspire healthier communities by connecting people with real food.  


Customers are investing in health more than ever before. For some it’s a choice for others it's the only solution. With the growing disease epidemic, allergies and Intolerances, conscious eating is the only solution. Gracious Bakers are part of that solution. We have developed innovative and unique in-house recipes that cater for Gluten Intolerance, coeliac, diabetics, Low Carb , keto and paleo. All our products are handmade. The products are not only convenient but ideal for the on the go person.

All products are made using only superior ingredients that also tastes great and are price competitive. The products are additive and preservative free, we believe less is more.

Where recipes lack in carbs, they are packed in flavor and taste. From traditional buttermilk rusks to penne pasta, you’ll find something to satisfy your everyday craving.






1. Low Carb Lifestyle reduces appetite

When following a diet the worst side effect is being hungry constantly. Therefore your main focus
is on food and making it even harder to follow a diet in the first place. This leads to you feeling
miserable , hungry and irritated and results in your simply giving up on your diet goal.

Low carb leads to an automatic reduction in appetite. Studies has shown that when a person cut
carbs and consume more protein and fat they automatically consume less calories.

2. Low Carb Lifestyle results in bigger weight loss
Reducing carb intake is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. While following a low carb
lifestyle the body eliminates excess water from the body, since insulin level are reduced. The kidneys then
start to shed excess sodium and this leading to rapid weight loss as early as the first week.

3. Increase Fat Loss
The Low Carb Lifestyle are extremely effective by reducing abdominal fat (visceral fat). Visceral fat is fat that sits
around organs and causes inflammation, insulin resistance and leads to metabolic dysfunction.
Reducing these fats are crucial for a healthy lifestyle and aids to body function to increase
the metabolism and therefore increases weight loss.

4. Reduced Blood Triglycerides
The low carb lifestyle reduces blood triglycerides, it is the fat molecules in the blood that increases
the risk of heart disease. By reducing carb intake and simple fructose sugars the level of
triglycerides are reduces rapidly and increases over all health

5. Higher levels of HDL (The good Cholesterol)
HDL are lipoproteins that carry cholesterol around in the blood. HDL’s main function is to
carry cholesterol away from the body to the liver. The liver breaks down the cholesterol and it
can be excreted. Again a reduction in heart disease. Studies has shown that high fat
diets increases the amount of HDL in the blood.

6. Reduction in Blood Sugar levels leading to improving Type 2 Diabetes
When you consume carbs it get broken down by the body into simple sugars like glucose in the digestive tract.
These glucose enters the bloodstream and causes elevate blood sugar levels.
High blood sugar levels are toxic to the body. The hormone called insulin are being excreted to assist
in bringing down the glucose levels in the blood and to start burning and storing it. 
People with Diabetes are insulin resistant and therefore the body can not regulate the blood
sugar levels. This leads to type  2 Diabetes and high blood sugar levels are deadly to the body’s function.
By following a low carb diet there is no spike in blood sugar levels as there is no carbs to be broken
down into glucose which reverses type 2 Diabetes. Studies has shown that people with Type 2 Diabetes
reduce their medicine y 50% within 6 months of following a low carb lifestyle. Many people have
completely reversed type 2 Diabetes and are not reliant on any form of medicine.

7. Reduce Blood Pressure
High blood pressure leads to heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and many other malfunctions in the body.
A low Carb lifestyle reduces the your blood pressure  and reduces the risk of many common diseases.

8. Low carb diets are essential for brain disorders
There is a large part of the brain that can burn Ketones, these are formed during starving the body from carbs.
This methods has been used in treating epilepsy when individuals do not respond to medicine.
It was proven that a ketogenic diet reduced more than 50% of seizures and some even cured
epilepsy completely. The low carb lifestyle alters genes involved in energy metabolism in the brain,
which in return stabilizes the function of neurons which reduces epileptic seizures.

9. Exercise is more effective
When following a low carb lifestyle the stomach is not full of carbs and when you exercise the body
directly burns fats and not carbs in the body. This directly increases fat loss and fat energy gets
burned much more effectively.

10. Low Carb is a Lifestyle not a fad
There is not risk in follow a low carb lifestyle permanently unlike may diets out there. Many diets you
can online follow for a while before having long term side effects. The low carb lifestyle helps you achieve you
weight goals without having cravings and temptations. while increasing your overall health.

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Meet The Team

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Liz Rautenbach


Frances Rautenbach


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