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Gracious Bakers Low Carb Summer Beetroot Salad

Impress family and friends with this gourmet summer salad



Prep Time: 75 Minutes


( 6 Servings)


1 Kg Baby Beetroots

1 Box (100 Gram) of Gracious Bakers Beetroot Crackers

1 Goats Cheese Roll

50 Gram Pumpkin Seeds

1 Whole Avocado

1 Bunch Asparagus

50 Gram Rocket

15 Ml Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper to taste


1. Cook your baby Beetroots for 45 Minutes until soft.

2. Place in some cool water to cool off and peel.

3. Slice into halves and set aside.

4. Crush 1/2 of the Gracious Bakers Beetroot Crackers with a blender just for 10 second, do not crush too fine and set aside.

5. Form little balls from the Goats cheese, between 2-3cm in diameter or as per your preference.

6. Roll the balls in the crushed Gracious Baker's Beetroot Crackers and set aside.

7. Trim the tails of the asparagus with a peeler into a sharp point, heat a bit of water and steam them for 3 minutes and cool in a ice bath (a bowl with water and ice).

8. Roast your pumpkin seeds in a pan on your stove until they start to pop and remove to cool.

9. Slice your avo into thin slices.

10. Wash your rocket and set aside.


1. Place your rocket at the bottom of your salad plate / bowl.

2. Next place your halved baby beetroots on top of the rocket followed by the asparagus.

3. Place the goats cheese balls onto of the asparagus.

4. Take the rest of the Gracious Bakers Beetroot Crackers and position them in your salad.

5. Place your sliced avo on the salad and sprinkle with the pumpkin seeds.

6. Just before you serve it drizzle with some lemon oil.


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