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Gracious Bakers Banting Lemon Meringue

One of my all time favorite things in the world is Lemon Meringue. To my delight I came across a blog from the the "Banting Blondes" who posted a recipe for lemon curd. I transformed it into this to die for Lemon Meringue. It sure made my weekend.



Prep Time: 20 Minutes

Bake Time: 15 Minutes


( 12 Servings)


1 Box (180 Gram) of Gracious Bakers Vanilla Biscuits

50 Gram Butter

1 whole Egg

1 Pinch Salt

80 Ml Water


5 Egg Yolks

4 Lemons juice (85ml)

5 ml Lemon Zest

200 ml Erythritol dust or 160ml Xylitol dust

125 Gram Butter


5 Egg Whites

10 Gram Erythritol dust


1. Melt the butter, place the crushed the Vanilla Biscuits, Egg, Salt, Water and Butter in your blender. Blend for 1 Minute until the dough comes together.

2. Press into pie dish (+-20 cm) and place in the fridge.

3. Over a double boiler beat the egg yolks, lemon juice, zest and erythritol together till it thickens.

4. Remove from the heat and stir in the butter.

5. Pour into your pie dish.

6. Bake in pre-heated oven (180°C) for 10 minutes.

7. Beat egg whites and erythritol to soft peak.

8. Spoon or pipe on top of lemon Curd.

9. Bake at 140°C for 15 minutes till the meringue changes colour.

10. Allow to cool, slice and simply enjoy.

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