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We are passionate and driven to provide customers with superior health products. Our principles and morals are much deeper, focussing on uplifting and inspiring healthier communities by connecting people with real food.  


Customers are investing in health more than ever before. For some it’s a choice for others it's the only solution. With the growing disease epidemic, allergies and Intolerances, conscious eating is the only solution. We are part of that solution and have developed innovative and unique in-house recipes that cater for Gluten Intolerance, coeliac, diabetics, Low Carb , keto and paleo. All products are handmade. Our products are not only convenient but ideal for the on the go person. Products are made using only superior ingredients that also tastes great and are price competitive. All products are additive and preservative free, we believe less is more.


Where recipes lack in carbs, they are packed in flavor and taste. From traditional buttermilk rusks to penne pasta, you’ll find something to satisfy your everyday craving.


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What customers say...


"I have honestly not tried one of your products I didn't like. Value for money"


- Carla Griesel


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